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Boys are so confusing these days. When did that happen?

I wish I knew what was going on in that head, I really do, and I make myself crazy trying to figure it out. Ugh.

Mat and I have decided that he's going to tell me why boys are so complicated, and I'm going to write a book about it and make buttloads upon buttloads of money, and I will find some gorgeous boy who is also rich to be madly in love with me. That way, I will be blinded by my rich and famous lifestyle and I'll never have to think about boys again. Except for the rich gorgeous one who is in love with me of course.

It's 1:30am....delirious? I think so.

So back to reality, I've said it before people and I'll continue to say it. I'm going to be a-sexual. There's just no way around it.

I tivo'ed 3 episodes of Laguna Beach today, and layed around for an hour and a half watching them tonight. It was very exciting. I find it rather frightening how much I enjoy that show. I guess it's one of my million guilty pleasures. Kristin is my favorite, she's such a bitch, I love it! And I'm pretty sure that Stephen is the most beautiful guy in the whole world, which is strange because I usually am not attracted to "pretty" guys like that. But he is definately a hot one.

God, I think I really am delirious. I'm feeling more silly than usual. Hmmm....kind of enjoying this.

Hokay....think it's time to stop now.

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